Our yard is full of salad ingredients. Yep. More weird things we do out here, away from it all. I pull a couple of handfuls of leaves, wash them and plop them in with the lettuce.  I wonder what Whole Foods charges for a batch of them? Hmm, maybe I could sell that to our local Pilgrims Pantry. Labeled as organic, of course.

Freshly washed weeds

Top the leaves off with some home-grown sprouts and you have yourself a gourmet, healthy (cheap) salad. What is the weed du jour I’m about to feed my husband? The pesky yellow-flowered ones that seem to multiply every time you look in your yard, dandelions of course. We eat the tasty leaves in our salad. The benefits of dandelions are numerous. Aside from their nutritiousness, their bite adds kick to any dish. And better still, they’re plentiful and FREE. Don’t knock em til you’ve tried em. I’m betting I’ll have to fight our future free-range chickens for them. Go ahead, you’ve seen them in your yard, what are you waiting for?

Yummy, 1/2 free, salad

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  1. I think weed salad is an EXCELLENT idea. We are soon going hunting for purslane and lambsquarters for the same purpose, to transplant some to our yard and eat em in a weed salad. Heck, you could follow your weed salad with a weed brownie! Oh wait, that’s something different … 😉

    1. I would add that the smaller leaves are more tender and not as bitter. I’ve also been told that thoroughly watered dandelions are much better, but haven’t confirmed. If you enjoy Arugula, you’ll appreciate dandelions.

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