Monserrat Pons

The Monserrat Pons Collection

In the heart of the marina de Llucmajor (Mallorca) is the Son Mut Nou farm, the largest experimental fig tree field in the world.

Monserrat Pons, AKA Montserrat Pons, and Boscana, a pharmascist from Llucmajor, have built a unique experience around the fig trees. Montserrat Pons has designed and developed, from the small fig tree cuttings provided by his friends Pep Sacarés and Mulet, the project to build an experimental field lot for the cultivation of the fig tree. It is Pons’ desire to contribute to the study and scientific knowledge of the fig tree and its fruits.

In the middle of the Majorcan Migjorn, there are thousands of lush fig trees, hundreds of varieties, from all corners of the Balearic Islands and other countries. The experimental orchard is divided into five sectors, with 1,724 fig trees, and 834 different varieties. 255 of which are from the Balearic Islands; 187, from other parts of the country of Spain, and 392 from the rest of the world.

The goals of the Son Mut Nou experimental orchard are:

  1. Build a collection of fig varieties with the heritage of the Balearic Islands.
  2. Recover old varieties at risk of genetic extinction.
  3. Discover unknown varieties.
Many Pons varieties are available in the US. Often, the variety name contains the Pons or MP suffix.
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Fig Trees of The Balearic Islands

Pons has also written the book in Catalan, Les figueres a les Illes Balears, and translated into English as Fig Trees of The Balearic Islands. The English version tends to be hard to find. It is a comprehensive book on growing figs, with detailed information on over 150 of the fig varieties from the Balearic Islands, Spain. There are many pictures on each Balearic variety, as well as varieties from other regions. The book is 454 pages. Excellent quality, Hard cover.

The Monserrat Pons Collection in the Fig Variety Database

If you are interested in Pons varieties, there is a Monserrat Pons Collection in the Fig Variety Database. You may view the MP collection directly via this link: Monserrat Pons Collection. Or, as with any Collection, simply select the Collections drop-down on the FVDB search page and select the collection, in this case, Monserrat Pons, then press the search button.

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