Thierry Demarquest of Figues du Monde

The Figues du Monde Collection

Thierry Demarquest is a very well known fig collector in Europe and is becoming increasingly so in the US. His collection, Figues du Monde (Figs of The World), is a nursery dedicated to fig varieties from around the globe, with more than 600 varieties. He also has a collection of other fruit trees: pomegranate, apple, pear, plum, peach, and quince. Figues du Monde is located in the town of Douelle, France. The climate is very contrasted with influences shared between the Massif Central, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.


Figues du Monde in the US

In a November, 2019 interview with The1FigMan, Thierry teamed up with another fig enthusiast in the US, Bill (Egretsbill on the Ourfigs Forum), to announce the United States branch of Figues du Monde. So it is now possible to acquire Figues du Monde cuttings from a United States source of FdM, fully backed by Thierry. The Figues du Monde varieties are being sold on FigBid by the user FDM4USA

Some have become concerned about the legality of such an endeavor and even sparked some heated debates, but the announcement included assurances that cuttings being disseminated within the US would be completely legal.


Thierry seems like a super nice guy, is very knowledgable about figs and has some very great and unique fig varieties in his collection. He is also an excellent photographer. His fig images are among the best available.

How will this new joint venture develop? Only time will tell.

The Figues du Monde Collection in the Fig Variety Database

If you are interested in Thierry’s varieties, there is a Figues du Monde Collection in the Fig Variety Database. You may view the FdM collection directly via this link: Figues du Monde Collection. Or, as with any Collection, simply select the Collections drop-down on the FVDB search page and select the collection, in this case, Figues du Monde, then press the search button.

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