A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken

The Old Painted Flywheel

Much of the Higher Octave audience would consider themselves “self-reliant” or “self-sufficient”, or at least striving to be so. I, too, am in that camp. But a series of recent personal events has caused me to consider a balance to this approach to life.

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Remember the Good

Never forget a good deed any person does for you. Take time today to remember as much as you can. It can clear out the cob webs and create clarity. Yehuda Berg

I can’t possibly document all the good deeds that have been done for me. Some of my friends keep a ‘Gratitude Journal’. Maybe I’ll keep a gratitude blog. Actually, I have been meaning to thank my friends and family for making my daughter’s ‘Big Day’ go from a dream to reality. I have some really cute cards and stickers to send… for some reason sending snail mail takes a lot more effort than it use to. I use to be the queen of the letter writing. But quite frankly, a fast, efficient email does the trick.

So let me do a quick ‘pre-thank-you’ blog to get the guilt off my chest for not thanking these people sooner…

My daughter got married earlier this month in the magical town of Mt Laurel!

The golf cart chariot dropped them off at the reception
Time for the First Dance!

It was truly a team effort.

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