Get The Skinny on Fig Seasons

Hourglass and calendar

When researching suitable fig varieties, one of the most important criteria is the ripening season. This is especially true for growers in northern regions, where earlier fig varieties are critical.  But even for those located in warmer climates, with long growing seasons, knowing the season a variety ripens can be useful. Selecting varieties from across […]

The Figues du Monde Collection

Thierry Demarquest is a very well known fig collector in Europe and is becoming increasingly so in the US. His collection, Figues du Monde (Figs of The World), is a nursery dedicated to fig varieties from around the globe, with more than 600 varieties. He also has a collection of other fruit trees: pomegranate, apple, pear, […]

Identifying Breba Producing Fig Varieties

What is a Breba? A breba (or breva in Spanish, and sometimes as taqsh) is a fig that develops on an edible fig tree in the spring on the previous year’s shoot growth. In contrast, the main fig crop develops on the current year’s shoot growth and ripens in late summer or fall. Breba figs […]

Collecting Striped Figs

For those who like to collect striped/rimada figs, there is now a Variegated Collection in the Fig Variety Database. You may view the updated variegated collection at any time via this link: Variegated Collection. Or, as with any Collection, simply select the Collections drop-down on the FVDB search page and select the collection, in this […]

JH Adriatic Fig Tasting

I forgot to mention in the video that this is its second season in ground, but it went in late last year. It died back to the ground over winter. This tree was started as a cutting from MountainFigs. JH Adriatic in the Fig Variety Database

Adriatic Fig Family in The Fig Variety Database

A little while back, my friend Ross Raddi over at posted a YouTube video entitled Adriatic Figs: What that Means. So this seems like a good opportunity to share a feature of the Fig Variety Database. If you will go to the Fig Variety Database, scroll down to the “Family” dropdown, select “Adriatic”, scroll […]

Alma Fig Tasting

This honey fig has potential. Alma in the Fig Variety Database

Collecting the LSU Fig Varieties

Since the LSU fig varieties were bred for southern climates, they are among the most collected for dixie growers. But even northern fig lovers appreciate the LSU figs and grow them in containers, performing the fig shuffle, and even planting them in ground. It began back in the mid-1950’s, when Ed O’Rourke joined the LSU […]