Selecting a Homestead Location – Evaluating a Specific Property 2/2

Selecting a Homestead Location – Evaluating a Specific Property 2/2

This episode wraps up the series on Selecting a Homestead Location. Evaluating a specific property is key to getting your ideal homestead location. To get the most out of this episode or others in this series, I suggest you go back and start at the beginning, Core Values.

See notes below.

Evaluating a Specific Property’s Utilities

  • Water rights. Some states and localities greatly restrict your ability to collect water from creaks, ponds, wells and even rainwater. Here’s an example: State Rainwater Harvesting Laws & Legislation 
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electric
  • Phone: If you are in a remote area and mobile service is weak or seemingly non-existent, Wilson makes a number of different boosters that can dramatically improve your reception. I used one in Idaho and currently use one here in the Talladega National Forrest. Make sure you select one that is suitable for your service provider and situation: Wilson Mobile Signal Boosters.
  • Internet: In remote areas, satellite may be your only option for internet service. However, you may be surprised at the coverage of Verizon’s network, especially when using one of Wilson’s signal boosters. The Verizon data network is amazingly fast and now has unlimited data plans. Check out Verizon’s availability in your area. Join me on Verizon and we both get paid. Visit this link: Verizon Wireless


  • Re-visit property
  • Meet the neighbors
  • Survey
  • Google map
  • Deeded access/restrictions
  • Title search/insurance
  • Cost of living
  • Natural beauty
  • Kids
  • Exit plan
  • Realistic vision

Selling Your Current Property

Black Lake Flip - My first whole house solar setup
Black Lake Flip – My first whole house solar setup

I have sold many houses – all within six weeks, even during market slumps. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel on this topic. Some of you may already be familiar with Jack Spirko as the host of The Survival Podcast, but he has also co-authored a book, The One Percent Effect: Sell Your Home Fast, For More and in Any Market.

Vandiver Flip
Vandiver Flip

Though I have not read this book, I am very familiar with Jack’s approach and am in complete agreement with it.

List with an Agent?

Personally, I don’t use real estate agents to sell my properties. This approach may not be for everyone. A good agent can save you a lot of time and effort. A good agent will also make helpful suggestions on what to do with your home to make it more marketable. But good agents are hard to find. Look at their current listings. Do they have good photos and descriptions? Would you want to even look at the properties they have listed?

Sell Yourself Online

  • Infotube – Free & optional upgrades
  • Web site?
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • Word of mouth
  • Specialty/niche listing services, e.g. prepper, off-grid sites
  • Offer 3% buyer’s agent commission?

Prepare Your Home for Sale – Staging

  • Clean & de-clutter
  • De-personalize
  • Take many high-quality pictures – for god’s sake, put the toilet seat down!!!

Writing the Contract

Making the Offer & Negotiation

  • What comes with the property?
  • Documentation
  • Inspection

Online Property Search Tools


One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I go off-grid?” I’ve taken two of my homes entirely off the electrical grid with whole house systems and built a few smaller systems. So in the next episode, we begin a new series on Going Off-Grid, starting with a simple Introduction.

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