When selecting a homestead, evaluating a specific property is where the rubber meets the road. So far, you have invested time and effort into:

  1. Core Values
  2. Counting the Costs
  3. Choosing a Region 
  4. Finding Your Property 

When evaluating a specific property, that work can now begin to pay off.See notes below.

Good, but inexpensive property goes fast. If you have applied the steps provided in this series, you should be familiar enough with the market to recognize an opportunity. This will enable you to move on it quickly before your competition snatches it up.

Tools for Evaluating a Specific Property


The amount you actually need will depend upon features list and the usability of the land.

Evaluating a Specific Property’s Soil

Soil is a critical foundation for any homestead. Buying soil, even in bulk, can get very expensive, very quickly. Augmenting soil can also be expensive and time consuming. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating a specific property’s soil:

Evaluating a Specific Property’s Terrain & Topography

Privacy, Security & Safety

Evaluating a Specific Property’s Infrastructure

In the next episode, wrapping up the Selecting a Homestead Location series, part 2 of Evaluating a Specific Property.

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