We’re Still Here

Granted, we’ve only lived here for 3+ months, it seems like more. Maybe it’s because the whole journey has been such a big ordeal. Leaving Alabama, the move up here, experiencing Idaho, fixing up the house, getting settled and ready for winter… all pretty life changing events. Life hasn’t gotten uneventful yet, though in retrospect, I’m guessing life with Lance will never be boring.  

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My Life – More Interesting Than Fiction

Forgive me father for I have lived, it’s been one month since my last blog post (if you’re not Catholic, you may not get that statement. If you ARE Catholic, you may not find the humor in it, oh well).
Those of you that ‘blog’ know what it’s like to WANT to post, but get too busy with life to do so. Those of you that take the time to read our words know that some people’s blogs are just plain BORING. Therein lies the dilemma, I’m busy living and I don’t want to bore anyone…  

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A Day In The Life Of Us

Have I mentioned that there are 3, (THREE) of us in this 760 sq ft cabin, with ONE teeny tiny bathroom! The boys have the added perk of an outdoor potty, but it’s actually worked OK. Currently none of us are employed outside of the home, so the rush to get ready is not here.

The cool autumn weather is upon us. It doesn’t keep Kirk inside, in fact he’s usually up and atem before I’ve had my 2nd cup of coffee. Kirk has bonded with the chainsaw, either chopping down unwanted trees, splitting wood we’ve acquired or fetching fallen trees in the woods. We will have a warm winter, thanks in part to his love of the lumbering.  

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Remember the Good

Never forget a good deed any person does for you. Take time today to remember as much as you can. It can clear out the cob webs and create clarity. Yehuda Berg

I can’t possibly document all the good deeds that have been done for me. Some of my friends keep a ‘Gratitude Journal’. Maybe I’ll keep a gratitude blog. Actually, I have been meaning to thank my friends and family for making my daughter’s ‘Big Day’ go from a dream to reality. I have some really cute cards and stickers to send… for some reason sending snail mail takes a lot more effort than it use to. I use to be the queen of the letter writing. But quite frankly, a fast, efficient email does the trick.

So let me do a quick ‘pre-thank-you’ blog to get the guilt off my chest for not thanking these people sooner…

My daughter got married earlier this month in the magical town of Mt Laurel!

The golf cart chariot dropped them off at the reception
Time for the First Dance!

It was truly a team effort.

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I am now a REAL resident of Idaho!
Yay, I'm legal!
I finally broke down and went and got my Idaho drivers license today. Lance and Kirk got theirs the first week they moved here. When I heard a written test was in order, I procrastinated a few months. A test? Yuck! What person my age wants to take a test? So what’d I do? I googled practice tests galore this morning and took several. I felt very confident I knew what I thought were important Idaho laws. Why am I blogging about getting my license? I guess I feel it was a big step for me. For the last 2 months I joked that I wanted to see if I liked it here before surrendering my Alabama license, when the truth was, I didn’t want to fail the test. I didn’t want to study either, so not doing anything worked for me… except I hate having things looming. What’s the saying? Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.  

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Most of you have already read the previous blog post: “Lance & Mary, Marry”. I wrote it the night of ‘our wedding’. I wanted to elaborate a little more on the whole getting married thing. Some friends and family expressed hurt that they had no clue… well people-> MARY had no clue. No one did, ‘cept maybe, just maybe, Lance. His brother, Kirk, who’s been living with us since June, wasn’t even in on it. While at the courthouse, Kirk tagged along with us to the property tax office, the DMV then we ducked into the Courthouse Records/Marriage Licenses…still no clue. I finally had to tell someone before I’d burst, so I told him we’re going to see what’s involved here with getting a marriage license. He was happy for us, but wondered how long this would put off lunchtime ;-).  

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