Tropical Fruit in Alabama

Yeah, I’m kinda excited about our tropical fruits growing in central Alabama. But I also needed to post something to test out our new email delivery system. The previous email system quit working when we changed hosting accounts (along with a bunch of other stuff).

This is the first pineapple we’ve ever grown. I doubt it will ripen before the first frost, but maybe I’ll get it moved inside and it can ripen there.

This huge creature is as long and thick as my index finger and looks like he immigrated here from another planet.

The cooler weather has already hindered the growth of the few bananas that were actually pollinated. It’s unlikely they will ripen before the frost hits. However, I do have a few ideas to try next year to give the banana trees a head start. Time will tell.

How & Why to Wire Solar Panels in Parallel or in Series

My solar array is actually two arrays

When connecting multiple solar panels into an off-grid energy system, there are a few wiring options: parallel, series, or a hybrid (a combination of the two). In this blog, I’ll show you the basics of wiring solar panels in parallel and in series. Then, using my off-grid system as an example, we’ll see why we would use one or the other, or both. Let’s start off with a quick comparison of parallel and series circuits. Continue reading “How & Why to Wire Solar Panels in Parallel or in Series”