I sometimes wonder if we really will ever settle down.  Stop moving.  Quit buying and selling.  That’s the plan anyway.  I wasn’t an army brat, nor married to someone in the military.  It just seems I like to move.  Never once did I stick my heels in the ground and say ‘nope, not movin, you can just forget it’.  Quite the opposite, actually. Anytime an opportunity arose, I’d be all over it.  It’s not that I didn’t put down roots each place I lived.  It’s just that a move always sounded more fun than staying put. My son use to say each move was like a new chapter in a book, adventures awaiting on the next page.  My daughter used the opportunity to change her name each place we moved (First she was Kristen, Kris, Kristy and we’ve been in AL so long, she’s still Kristie)

We didn’t move too much when I was growing up.  I was born in Marion, Iowa.  Since I was the 6th kid, I think we needed a bigger house, so as a baby we moved a few blocks to a nice big white house.  Everyone asked if I grew up on a farm (apparently Iowa=Farm).  Nope, a golf course.  Not some highfalutin country club, just a quant 9 hole course that just about everyone in Marion belonged to.  I think my dad lost his job and he found a great new opportunity in a suburb of Dallas, TX.  I say I think he lost his job.  It just wasn’t talked about.  My parents didn’t want to worry us.  Woe, I’m getting way too detail oriented.  My idealic childhood doesn’t really fit in with the topic of this post.  Ok, after living a few years in Texas, his old company wanted him back, so Dad packed up and moved those of us still in school, back to Iowa (my mother was NOT happy.  She liked Texas, alot).  After a year of college in Ames, Iowa, I moved down to south Florida with my sister.  I’ll skip the details and hit on the cities I’ve lived since then.  The Florida Keys, Homestead, FL, back to Marion, IA, down to Kennesaw, GA, married and moved to Columbus, SC, then took a transfer to: Chattanooga, TN (important detail- the kids were born there, yay! Chattaboogie town).  Then we moved to Cooper City, FL, Plantation, FL, Conroe, TX, Fairhope, AL, Chelsea, AL, Sterrett, AL, Mt Laurel AL (where I proceeded to have 5 different addresses).  Vernon, the mailman, was about the only one that could keep up with my location ;-).  Then Lance and I moved out to Sylacauga and we’re currently in Vandiver, AL.  Next stop, IDAHO!

I didn’t bother counting all the cities, houses, apartments, etc…  I’ve never sat around thinking ‘oh, it would be nice to live in ______,’  but when an opportunity arises, I’m usually gung-ho.  I THINK, tho I’ll believe it when it happens, that after this next house, there will be just one more move, to our Retreat.  Butcha never know.  I do know that you get a 10% discount coupon from Lowes every time you change your address.  It probably would have been easier to be a military family.  The ‘company’ moves you, provides housing AND you get an automatic discount at Lowes, no coupon needed.

ps. my editor is in the shower, so if you read this near the time of posting, you’ll have to endure my bad comma placement choices.

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