Selecting a Homestead Location – Core Values

Why Should We Consider Our Core Values?

Core Values
Core Values

Our core values will determine what we will actually do, not what we hope or say we will do. They are often unconscious, but influence us nonetheless. They do not change easily, especially when we are unaware of them. Ensuring our homestead selection matches up with our core values will help lead to our success in our selection of a homestead. Core values are not something tangible that one can put a finger on. They are internal. They can be a little slippery.

See notes below.

Sample Core Values List

  1. Authenticity
  2. Achievement
  3. Adventure
  4. Autonomy
  5. Balance
  6. Beauty
  7. Compassion
  8. Challenge
  9. Cleanliness
  10. Community
  11. Competency
  12. Creativity
  13. Curiosity
  14. Determination
  15. Entertainment
  16. Faith
  17. Friendships
  18. Fun
  19. Growth
  20. Happiness
  21. Inner Harmony
  22. Justice
  23. Knowledge
  24. Learning
  25. Love
  26. Meaningful Work
  27. Optimism
  28. Peace
  29. Perfection
  30. Pleasure
  31. Recognition
  32. Respect
  33. Responsibility
  34. Security
  35. Self-Respect
  36. Service
  37. Spirituality
  38. Stability
  39. Success
  40. Uniqueness
  41. Wealth
  42. Wisdom
  43. Work ethic

Core Values are Not a Dream

The Importance of Experience

Our desire to build a homestead must be more than a dream. A dream is not a plan. What we imagine often does not correspond to reality. Romanticizing the homesteading lifestyle and ignoring all that goes into developing a homestead is unrealistic. It’s a sure path to failure and unhappiness.

How much actual experience do you have with homesteading? Did you grow up in the city and read or watch “Little House on The Prairie”? Get some reality therapy. Get some experience. Actual experience will help eliminate the idealization of homesteading.

Better Now Than Later

I’m not trying to discourage anybody from the homesteading lifestyle. In fact, I’m hoping this little “conversation” will help manage your expectations. This should help your success in the long run. And if you are already discouraged, then all the better. Better now than after three years of owning a property that you absolutely hate.

A Process to Help Ensure Homesteading Success

1. Make a List of Your Core Values

Put the thoughts of homesteading on the back burner for now. What truly drives you? What makes you tick? Have a real heart-to-heart with yourself. Don’t judge or condemn. Just write them down.

2. Review

Review and prioritize your core values. Then identify conflicts. Eliminate cognitive dissonance.

Then share and discuss them with your spouse. Lack of shared core values is a huge problem in relationships, especially marriages.

This is a slow process. Give it a month at least. It will be worth it in the long run. And it should be an ongoing, lifetime process.

3. Create Your Property Features List

Do this only after you have made your core values list and become thoroughly familiar with it. Again, write down and prioritize your homestead features. This list should be organic. It can and should change over time.

Don’t get stuck on specifics. Consider different property features for fulfilling your core values.

Next Episode

Continuing the Selecting a Homestead Location series, we will cover Counting the Costs.

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