Hello World. Did you know, they’ll let just anyone have a blog?

I plan on looking back and cringing at this first post to my first ever blog.  While I hone my craft, please bear with me… there WILL be grammatical errors, stupid posts, and probably boring stuff all along the way…. But hey, I’m 50, about to pack up and move 2400 miles away from ‘home’ so, cut me a little slack (at first, please).

My goal with this blog-thingie is to lure you all those I like, to consider a visit and or move to the wild, wild, west.

5 thoughts on “Hello World. Did you know, they’ll let just anyone have a blog?”

  1. Yay! Mary I’m so happy you are blogging and I’m really excited to see where your new adventure takes you. And be careful with that invite extending… Us Magargees tend to pop in on folks at any given time 🙂

    • Thanks Belle! You’re a pro, in my eyes, so I’ll be stealing/borrowing/learning, from you. Feel free to give me any advice along the way (in blogging).

    • Thanks Ames! I’ll miss all your communication when you’re bogged down with babyduties. All I care about then, is pictures of your cutie!

  2. No doubt, since you and Lance are among the most magnetic of persons, that you will be sorely missed. Who knows, maybe we’ll join u out there one day! Love the blog … your writing style is so pleasant and inviting. Coming from the holder of a B.A. in English which means absolutely nothing except that the holder thinks rather highly of her own egocentric opinion about literature and writing, ;-), that’s the highest compliment I can give someone, lol.

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