Heading Back to Eden

Diverging from the Going Off-Grid series, I thought an update on what I’ve been doing would be in order. I call it, “Heading back to Eden”.

BTW, that’s not me in the featured image, but Paul Gautschi.

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Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.

~Francis Bacon

Show Notes: https://higher-octave.com/16

My Challenges

  1. Poor soil
  2. Steep hills
  3. 3 year drought

My Previous Solutions

  • Building beds
  • Containers
  • Buying soil
  • Composting
  • Amendments (chemical & organic)
  • Mulch

The Curse Becomes a Blessing

The Power of Mulch

  • Retains moisture
  • Moderates temperature
  • Feeds the soil & worms

Great Resources

Back to Eden


Don’t get stuck on the wood chips

L2Survive YouTube Channel


Ruth Stout Method

Gardening Without Work – Ruth Stout 1/2

Gardening Without Work – Ruth Stout 2/2

“One Straw Revolution” – Masanobu Fukuoma


Worms At Work – 20 Days Time Lapse Of Vermicomposting


Plant Nutrients in Municipal Leaves



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