Getting rid of excess baggage

How do we accumulate so much STUFF?  Since Lance and I have been together, we’ve moved 4 times, about to embark on #5, and it’s a doozie (hence the creation of this blog).  Some of the stuff was borrowed to help stage this ginormous house (big for us, anyway. The last house was 12oo sq ft).  Some of the stuff was given to us and we even bought a few things… but we still have a ton of stuff.  Lance’s brother, Kirk, is enroute (as I type) to Idaho with 25,000 pounds (he weighed in at a weigh station in Oklahoma) of tools et. al.  Our house is still furnished and full (in case this contract falls through, we’ll have to keep it looking pretty).

We talked about what all we can do without (especially since the next project house is only 860 sq ft).  So, odds and ends will be left for the new buyer.  Some treasured, unneeded pieces will be given to family and friends and, possibly, a truckload will go to God’s Outreach Center, for Della’s charity.  Taking ‘getting rid of excess baggage’ one step further… I’m leaving my implants in Birmingham… notice how I insert this bit of very personal information deep into paragraph 2, hoping only those of you that love me will bother with reading this far into this post ;-).  I have an appointment tomorrow to get these blasted, heavy, huge, annoying bags of saline OUT!  If you or anyone you know plans on getting implants, please talk to me first.  I will tell you all the ‘cons’.  I assume you think you know the ‘pros’ already.  Stay tuned to see how it goes… (and say a little prayer for Mare, about 11am Monday).

6 thoughts on “Getting rid of excess baggage”

  1. Oh wow cool blog … If you going to get rid of the 50s dresser you bought from me let me know … we plan on moving back to Mt Laurel to stag our house to sell .. just a thought
    I sad to see you go 🙁

  2. I have updated myself with you blog – if you don’t mind from top to bottom and I am soo excited for you both – can’t wait to see all your updates and hopefully one day in person. Hope you surgery went well and it was a quick recovery – I don;t remember an update on those 😉

    • Thanks Colleen, maybe we’ll stop moving long enough for you to plan a visit! Never a dull moment, that’s fo sho! I’ll update you via FB re surgery, don’t want to bore anyone here 😉

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