Having so much free time this week, I’ve had fun with this blog-a-ma-thingie.  It’s kind of like thinking outloud, getting answers in and out of my head.  Being able to reread my thoughts, have them edited and commented on, helps in the whole life process.  If our power would go out, I may finally read more than a few pages in my books.  For now, my attention is placed on various computer sites.  I wish I could say I bury myself in the websites that Lance does (A popular Lance page)  or Some Real News.  He subscribes to youtube for financial videos.  I browse it for songs or cute kid videos My ALL TIME FAVE.  Can you tell I learned a new blogger trick (inserting urls and changing the name)?

I’m addicted to Facebook, not so much in a stalker way, but to check on what my kids are up to, some favorite people and some annoying ones.  Look for cute kid photos.  I don’t stay long, just flip through some pics, comment when compelled and move on with my day (and check back in 20 minutes or so…, nah, not addicted at all).  It’s actually an excellent selling tool.  I publish stuff on Mt Laurel all the time.  We THINK we found our house buyer via FB (don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll thank ‘Melissa Lee’, later).  I was expressing my woes in finding a decent bra on FB.  This has been my life’s work, it seems.  I can’t be the only unhappy shopper.  So I had this thought; it would be cool to design and make a decent bra.  Decent bra= comfortable + pretty + supportive + reasonably priced. I’ve asked many women to recommend a bra.  I’ve had zero luck with any: VS, Spanx, Glamorise (my drawer WAS full of them all).

Check out my recent purchase, There’s GOLD in them there hills!  I better love it.  I realize 1/2 the population isn’t concerned about this problem.  You never hear men complaining of uncomfortable jocks straps.  In fact, you never hear them mentioned at all.  Maybe I am just missing the modesty gene.  Lance asked me how I could get more views on my blog.  Well, I could post photos of my before and after implant extraction & lift :-D, THAT would generate some traffic honey!  Not to worry, I’m afraid to look.  I wouldn’t dare subject anyone else to it.

And now, finally, I get to the title of this blog.  It’s two-fold.  After I’m settled in Idaho, if I had any sewing sense, I’d create a bra for the big, small and saggy.  I have one friend who I tried to donate some of my old gear.  I asked her what size she is.  She said 38Long (you’ve got to be a woman over 40 to appreciate that).  But the most important thing is to love yourself how you are, not how movie stars and magazines tell us we should want to look.  Unless you plan to be a porn star or model for Fredricks, love what God gave you, maybe lift em if gravity is weighing you down.  I wish Lance was around when I decided to get implants.  He would have had me ask myself, “What am I trying to achieve?”  That would have led to a healthy conversation.  Lesson learned, the hard (expensive) way.

No matter what size we are, a comfortable bra is HEAVENLY.  Heck, even the internet is wireless.  Let’s take a cue from that.  OR, I could open a cupcake shop.  It’s all the rage and every man, woman and child needs one.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.  It’s kept me sane and not online shopping…this week, anyway.

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  1. I hear ya on the bra thing, sister, and I’m a woman under 40 (tho it’s fast approaching!). Everyone who said pregnancy and breastfeeding change ur boobs was right. Bah!

    1. I think I’ve finally learned (well, maybe) that you get what you pay for. I had 20 fairly cheap bras that I hated, I could’ve bought 5 expensive bras, that I loved. I have a few shoes I love, the rest need to be donated. That’s fairly true about my entire closet.

      No matter what age we are, we always find and dwell on our faults (saggy girls, muffin tops). My sis told me once that the best thing about being 50 was she was finally comfortable in her skin, although saggy ;-). She looked back on her life and realized that she IS amazing. Maybe you can beat the age thing and realize it sooner than me (if you haven’t already).

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