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Kimi Sika 2017
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Bluemalibu @ OurFigs:

This is a cultivar that I haven't seen offered here in the states... it is from the Grecian Isle of Evia. There, they grow them commercially. When harvested, the figs are split in half and dried. Then they are 'buttered' with a sticky honey-like substance and 'glued' back together, before being packaged and shipped out internationally.

These figs are from an in-ground tree on its second leaf, in full sun. There is no sign of any spoilage or fermenting from our summer of 109* temps, while three trees next to this little guy have had their figs readily sour and spoil. The figs take on a pumpkin-like shape as they ripen. They are extremely sweet, (nearly twice as sweet as my Panache, for a reference) and have a strong berry jam flavor. The skin is a little chewy, but sweet, and it adds to the eating experience, as it forces one to extend the time that the palate can savor the goodness. An easy 10/10 !



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Bluemalibu @ OurFigs: I consider it as relatively prolific, for a little 16" plant... it currently has nine or ten figs maturing. It isn't a real robust grower though. (Although, my pruning certainly could have had a major impact in that area; ...I was gifted two 5-gal trees this winter, by one of the most generous members here on the forum; they were a LUV and a BFF tree. When I ask my benefactor if he had anything on his wish list that might need filling, he suggested the Kimi. Although my tree was only a few months old, and had only a pair of little 8" trunks, there is no way that I could refuse his request, so I cut one of the two 8" trunks off, and sent it to him.) I certainly would be feeling the effect, if someone decided to cut me in half... LOL!!

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