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Violet Sepor (DFIC 210)

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DFIC 210

Bourjassotte Grise (DFIC 190), Negro Largo (DFIC 228)

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Based upon genetic testing performed in 2010, Bourjassotte Grise (DFIC 190), Negro Largo (DFIC 228), and Violet Sepor (DFIC 210) were determined to be synonyms. See Genetic structure and differentiation in cultivated fig (Ficus carica L.) and a condensed spreadsheet compiled by Richard Frost.

A berry flavored fig with mottled skin. Flavor is strawberry-grape juice flavor similar to Mt Etna flavor. More fruit juice flavor than the fruit punch flavor of Mt Etna.

Bluemalibu @ OurFigs: I just pulled some of my first crop from a new tree as well... (1 yr old, 2nd leaf). It was my first time trying these for flavor. I wasn't expecting much, being so young... but I tried tasting the pulp first, and it was a nice strong berry flavor. So, I was quite pleased. Especially with the tree being so young. It was very similar to a couple dozen other varieties I have growing, which are all keepers as well. Being satisfied, I then just popped the other half of the fig into my mouth and chewed it, skin and all. The first thing that went through my mind was... "Oh, no! I'm in trouble". "These things are going to be addicting!" What a difference it made with the skin included in the bite! The flavor then was reminiscent of a strong Bing Cherry, but the skin imparted much more to the experience... it was just so darn good!! ​​​​​​​ I couldn't be happier. I'm finding a couple dozen varieties that are apparently extremely happy being here in the land of the fig wasp.

From Hilgardia, Vol. 23, No. 1. pg. 476: "Described by Wythes (1900b), Bunyard and Thomas (1904), Starnes and Monroe (1907, with illustration of fruit), and Arnold (1926). A valuable free-bearing sort, suitable for pot culture and forcing, according to Bundyard. Figs reddish brown, with light-red pulp; flavor delicate."

Accession was donated. 27-Feb-2003. California United States. Donors: Kennedy, C.T., California Rare Fruit Growers; Schafer, Patrick. Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis; 2 cuttings received. Kennedy received from Patrick Schafer.

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Violet Sepor. Described by Wythes (1900b), Bunyard and Thomas (1904), Starnes and Monroe (1907, with illustration of fruit), and Arnold (1926). “A valuable free- bearing sort, suitable for pot culture and forcing,” according to George Bunyard. Figs reddish brown, with light-red pulp; flavor delicate.

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