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Dr Harold Daigle Jr: I was at LSU Horticulture as a student when Dr Charles Johnson first brought in cuttings of Thibodaux. OK here is the story about this fig. In the 1940's this fig was breed at the Hill Farm by two now deceased Professors. When Fraternity and Sorority Row was built the experimental farm was bulldozed. One Professor made cuttings of this fig which at the time the name was only a Trial Number. This Professor left LSU since the Hill Farm was gone and moved to Nicholls State in Thibodaux and planted one cutting on campus. When this Professor retired he contacted my Professor Dr Johnson who breed figs himself and told him of the one tree. We went to Nicholls and made cuttings and brought them back to LSU where it still kept the Trial Number Name. The trials lasted about two years when Dr Johnson told me that this fig was the best he ever had and that it was time to introduce it to the market, but it needed a name. Since I was born in Thibodaux and the only tree was at Nicholls I said lets name it Thibodaux. Dr Johnson also thought that would be the perfect name. I graduated with a BS in Horticulture and lost touch with what ever happened to this fig. I got one of the original cuttings for my self and the tree is growing in my parents yard in Baton Rouge and I have some potted cuttings for my self. Since I am living in the NOLA area I am considering starting about two or three acre Thibodaux orchard and grow them for the commercial trade and for high end restaurants.



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