Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree…

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With information on over 2,100 fig varieties, dozens of data fields (many of them searchable), and thousands of images, you have found the first (and what is truly the largest) detailed database resource on edible figs (ficus carica).

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VarietyAKAFeatured Image
880076 (DFIC 148) - DEFUNCT
880213 (DFIC 149) - DEFUNCT
880287 (DFIC 150) - DEFUNCT
880306 (DFIC 151) - DEFUNCT
A Panetta
A Sangue
A1 133

DFIC 164

Abakour Amellal

Abakor, Thabakor Amellal


Arba, Paradiso of Cavolini, Panetto, Albachiara