Abbreviations for fig variety names are not included in this list, but are included as synonyms in the Fig Variety Database. For example, a search for CDDG returns the result of “Coll de Dama Gris” or VdB will produce the result of “Violette de Bordeaux”.

If you come across a frequently used abbreviation that is not included in the Fig Variety Database or the list below, please contact me to have it included.

AP – Andreas Pratras from Patra, Peloponnisos, Greece: He sheds a lot of light on Greek varieties and there may be a few fig varieties circulating within the US that are sourced from him.

AF – Adriano Ferreira: The AF strain of the Genovese Nero is attributed to him.

BC – Belleclaire Nursery: Some variety strains are attributed to this now closed nursery.

Capri – Caprifig

CRFGCalifornia Rare Fruit Growers. Heavily involved in the California fig community, Prusch Park, and the introduction of the Italian Numbered fig varieties.

DEDiatomaceous Earth: Often used as a soil amendment and/or as a treatment for ants and other insects.

DFIC – Short for [UC] Davis FICus, the identification system used by the National Plant Germplasm System to track its fig (Ficus) varieties. Sometimes referred to as the Site Identifier. For example DFIC 81 has the common name Genoa White.

ELEdible Landscaping: A popular nursery for figs and other fruits. Some fig variety strains are attributed to this nursery.

KK – Keith Karausky: Most notable for the strain of Black Madeira KK.

FMD – Fig Mosaic Disease: See FMV

FMVFig Mosaic Virus: A common problem with fig trees that can stunt growth and productivity, but many trees overcome the virus with maturity.

GH – Gene Hosey

GM – Gorgi M: Gorgi had a very large collection of figs from Malta as well as other varieties. His trees were initially identified with GM and a numbered suffix (e.g., GM-125). Later, some of his varieties were given more common names. For example, GM-172 was given the name Gozo Girl.

GS – Gene [Hosey] Strain: See GH.

GRINGermplasm Resources Information Network

JFEJust Fruits & Exotics: Some strains of fig varieties are attributed to this nursery.

JM – Joe Morle of

LSU – Louisiana State University: In the context of figs, this refers specifically to the LSU AgCenter fig-breeding program. See the article Collecting the LSU Fig Varieties.

MPMonserrat Pons

NGRP – National Genetic Resources Program: See GRIN.

NPGSNational Plant Germplasm System: A collaborative effort to safeguard the genetic diversity of agriculturally important plants, including figs. The mission of the NPGS is to support agricultural production by acquiring, conserving, evaluating, documenting, and distributing crop germplasm.

PI – Plant Introduction: Another identification system used by the National Plant Germplasm System to track its fig varieties. For example PI 18847 has the common name of Bourjassotte Grise and is also known as DFIC 339.

RKNRoot-Knot Nematode: A root parasite that can be a problem for figs.

TCTissue Culture: An alternative to rooting propagation that produces seedling like trees. Most in the US are produced by AgriStarts and resold through many nurseries.

UCD – University of California, Davis: Fig variety strains with the UCD heritage often contain the UCD suffix.

UCR – University of California, Riverside: The fig varieties which are from the UCR breeding program contain the UCR prefix. For example, UCR 278-128 is also known as Golden Riverside.

Unk – Unknown: Often appended to a fig variety name as a prefix or suffix to identify a variety as an unknown.

USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture:

VS = Vasile Surugiu: Herman2 was his screen name on figs4fun. Hermansur is his eBay name. Some fig variety strains are attributed to him, (e.g. Marseilles Black VS).