Fig Database To-do List

Fig Database To-Do List


  1. Populate data:
    1. Acquire
    2. Determine/verify “Primary” Varieties
    3. Determine/verify Flavor Groups
    4. Determine/verify Gateway figs
    5. Determine/verify Container figs
    6. Determine/verify Easy Rooting figs
    7. Determine/verify Cold Hardy figs
    8. Determine/verify Types
    9. Determine/verify Families
    10. Add additional links to “Fig Resources”
  2. Reformat search criteria fields
  3. Expand search criteria?
  4. Alphabet tabs
  5. Configure for additional admin users.
  6. Video tutorial(s).
  7. Larger thumbnail images?
  8. Create & distribute data addition form.
  9. Misc based upon forum feedback.


  1. Update OurFigs group members
  2. Seek & review feedback


  1. Native SQL DB – will improve performance, stability, relational records, cross linking & search capabilities
  2. Dedicated sub-domain will improve performance


  1. Create “Field Groups”.
  2. Add initial fields to groups.
  3. Create Variety List page.
  4. Create Variety Details page.
  5. Go live with “Figs” menu.
  6. Add tabs to variety details page. $10 plugin.
  7. Add search functionality. $30 plugin.
    1. Flavor Group dropdown
    2. Family dropdown
    3. Type dropdown
    4. Gateway fig? – y/n
    5. Container Suitable? – y/n
    6. Cold Hardy? – y/n
    7. Primary? y/n
    8. Easy rooting – y/n
  8. Widen display of list and detail pages. This may require a different WordPress theme. Elegant Themes Divi Combo $224
  9. Add “Fig Resources” page
  10. Improve site speed. The database has dramatically decreased performance across the entire site. May hafta pay GoDaddy to upgrade. Elegant Themes Divi Combo $224 and removed other plugins.
  11. The database is truncating the data in rich texts fields (e.g. Description) to about four lines. This has put data population on hold. Working with vendor to resolve.
  12. Add “Reviews” tab