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With the second anniversary of the launch of, it seemed like a good time to take a look at its role in serving the fig community, both buyers and sellers, but first…


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Danny, founder of figBid
Danny, founder of figBid

Founder of

Danny has been interested in figs since he was very young. He has many fond memories of eating figs from his great grandfather’s tree in the Parkchester section of the Bronx. 

Danny always dreamed of having a few hardy, solid fig trees of his own and being able to come home from work, kick back and enjoy a few fresh figs.

He grew a few fig trees in the early 90’s but lost them to a move and commitments to work. A couple decades later, he is retired from the NYPD. And now, he has his own sizable fig collection. He was a long-time member of the now-closed Figs4Fun Forum and now a veteran on the Ourfigs Forum as nycfigAnd, in December, 2017, he has also founded

Why figBid?

We’ll let Danny answer that, from the About Us page on

After thousands of years, collecting fig trees has graduated from an expanding niche hobby to a profitable business thanks to the online auction. Buyers and sellers from around the globe are connected instantly. With the press of a button, collectors previously consigned to ‘run of the mill’ or unknown varieties traded locally can now immediately own the rarest of rare varieties from any part of the world. Online auction prices are skyrocketing and more people than ever are taking notice. Newcomers and veterans alike are being introduced and pouring into the online auction world daily. The buzz is hard to ignore and unfortunately has attracted dishonest sellers and con artists. The fig marketplace has become a minefield and difficult to navigate.

So the idea for was born.

It’s difficult enough for an internet auction site to police any one specific category of sales let alone hundreds or even thousands. Can any website really address personal concerns when shoes, toys, cars, antiques, real estate, clothing and thousands of other items are traded daily on its website? The answer is NO; It’s an impossible task for a huge open market. And once you’re burned it’s difficult to recoup lost, hard earned cash. The worst part is not knowing you’re a victim; Waiting 3 to 5 years for a tree to grow only to find it’s not what you actually paid for. By that time the scammers are long gone and you’re stuck. It’s a black eye on the entire fig community. This scenario plays out daily in the online auction world and poses a unique set of problems that is here to solve. is a category specific auction website built for figgers. does not follow marketplace trends or cater to large groups of buyers and sellers. There is NO BOTTOM LINE. is concerned only with the individual and dedicated to joining quality buyers, sellers and traders of all things fig. More importantly, is available to address members on a personal level, effectively police itself and keep out the dishonest people.

Danny's Fig Orchard Tour

figBid Benefits

figBid brings value to both buyers and sellers. First, the buyers.

figBid Buyer Features

  • A self-policing community that ensures a higher level of protection from scammers.
  • Easy browsing and search capabilities.
  • A star rating and feedback system on sellers promotes confidence in your fig purchases.
  • A single market place to save time and easily compare prices – one stop shopping.
  • A simple invoice and payment system.
  • Ask questions on offered products via an effective message system.
  • A history of your fig-related purchases that is easy to reference.

And there is much more. The simplest way to see the value that figBid brings to the fig community is to try it. If you haven’t already, go over to the figBid Registration Page and give it a test drive.

figBid Seller Features

  • Extremely low transaction fees compared to other channels.
  • A platform designed specifically for the fig community avoids re-inventing the wheel for customized websites.
  • Access to a broad market place of fig enthusiasts.
  • Simple financial reporting for tax purposes.
  • Easy inventory management.
  • Receive payments quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid the time-consuming process of other sales methods.


And there is so much more. The simplest way to see the value that figBid brings to the fig community is to try it. If you haven’t already, go over to the figBid Registration Page and give it a test drive.

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