The user registration page is now setup for the Fig Variety Database.

You may use all of the search and viewing functions without registering. You can search the fig varieties, without an account, to your heart’s content on the Fig Variety Database page. 

Why register?

1) Gives you the ability to contribute to the fig community by rating different fig features, currently including:

All of these ratings are compiled into an overall rating for each variety.

2) Having an account also gives you the ability to select and keep track of your favorite figs! You can include your current varieties, your wish list or both. You can use this feature however it best suits you. Only you can see your Fig User Favorites list. Once you have favorited your fig varieties, just go to your Fig User Favorites page.

3) Gives you the opportunity to add comments to specific varieties, so others in the fig community can learn from your experience! Just scroll down to the bottom of each variety page (or just press the “end” key) and enter your comments. It’s that simple!

So head on over to the FVDB registration page and give it a whirl! –

C ya there!


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  1. I viewed the fig database. It is obvious that a significant portion of the data base is completely lifted (photos, commentary, etc.) from the Figues Du Monde data base. Do you have permission to pirate this man’s work? If so, good for you, if not, wow that is pretty low. If it is not illegal it is completely unethical.

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