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Adriatic JH, Adriatic Joe Hood

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Awesome fig for the price.

Joe Hood: The tree was a mature in-ground tree on our property when we moved to our property in 2001, and was thought by the original owner to have been 7 or 8 years old at that time. By my reckoning, the tree should now be somewhere around 20 or 21 years old. I would guess, but do not know, that the tree may have been purchased from a local nursery years ago, as there is an identical mature tree on a property a couple of blocks down our street. The leaves are very variable in shape, ranging from entire to five-lobed with two thumbs, as demonstrated by the attached photographs. Over the years, the tree has shown next to no signs of infestation by FMV, although there have been a few leaves that have shown signs on a couple of occasions. I suspect, as has been postulated, that most figs carry the FMV virus. Whether they show signs or not may be a function of the individual tree's resistance to the virus. My JH Adriatic is next to two good-sized Mission trees, both of which invariably show mottling characteristic of FMV. The mottling of Mission leaves was noted by Condit. It is correct that I guessed that my tree was an Adriatic variant. I have never thought or stated that it is identical to the Davis Adriatic. My tree's characters, as compared to the Adriatic characters cited by Condit (other than the leaves and perhaps the eye), appeared to match that variety more closely than any other variety that he described, so I guessed that it might be closely related to the Adriatic. Perhaps the exact relationship of the JH Adriatic to Adriatic will be documented when DNA testing of the tree is done.

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Acid, Adriatic Berry, Complex Berry, Strawberry
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High quality, but few


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  • Cold Hardiness: fair
  • Potential to Fruit First Year after Dieback to the Ground

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