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Barnissotte Negra Rimada, Bordisott Negra Rimada, Verdeleta Graffiti, Verdeleta Pintada

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Bordissot Black Rimada is a cultivar of fig type common fig Ficus carica, unífera (with one crop per season, the figs fall) with figs epidermis variegated when green with color soft green background with about color green longitudinal stripes alternating with yellow stripes, which soften when they are ripening when they have an almost ripe reddish-black background color and reddish-brown color when they are very ripe, with a bluish-black background color and a matte black color, leaving the fig similar to 'Bordissot Negra'.  It is grown on the collection of fig trees of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor Balearic Islands.

At the moment it cultivates it in its collection of Balearic figs Montserrat Pons i Boscana, rescued of an exemplary or aged adult mother fig tree located next to a dry wall, located in the estate "Ca n'Aina Pont" term of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. Variety very interesting and unknown that Monserrat Pons discovered thanks to Pere Ginard through Pedro Santandreu i Ferrer great passionate of the world of fig trees, great connoisseur and informant of all varieties of the region.

The variety 'Bordissot Negra Rimada' is originally from Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, where it is known as 'Painted Verdeleta'. Unique fig tree, planted surely as 'Black Bordissot' and that by mutation or by disease appeared the variegated epidermis of its figs. Its name is due to the fact that as all the descriptors of the fig tree coincide with those of the variety 'Bordissot Negra' it is called 'Bordissot Negra Rimada' (Rimada: Rayada, in Catalan).

The fig tree 'Bordissot Negra Rimada' is a common fig type uniferous variety. Tree of reduced vigor, small cup of rounded shape, dense of branches. Little prolific in good quality figs. Its leaves are 1 lobe mostly, less than 3 lobes. Its leaves with teeth present little serrated margins almost wavy, with an obtuse petiolar angle, varietal characteristic such as the 'Black Bordissot'. 'Bordissot Negra Rimada' has little detachment of figs, an average productive yield and a medium harvest period. The cone-shaped yellowish-green apical bud.

The fruits of the fig tree 'Bordissot Negra Rimada' are figs of a size of length x width: 40 x 45mm, with urceolada form, that present medium fruits, symmetrical of form, uniform of dimensions, of about 29,058 grams in average, whose epidermis is medium thickness, rough medium of hard consistency, these figs have variegated skin because when green they have a soft green background color with over color of green longitudinal stripes alternating with yellow stripes, which soften when they are maturing, taking when almost ripe reddish-black background color and over reddish-brown color, even when they are very ripe, with a bluish-black background color and with a matt black top, leaving the fig similar to 'Bordissot Negra' in appearance. Ostiolo from 1 to 3 mm with small brown scales. Peduncle from 0 to 1 mm cylindrical light green. Thick longitudinal cracks. Ribs marked. With a ºBrix (sugar degree) of 24 tasty sweet flavor, with intense red pulp color. With small internal cavity almost absent, with small achenes in large quantity. The fruits ripen during a period of medium harvest, from the beginning of ripening of the figs from September 2 to October 24. Average productive yield and average harvest period.

It is used as fresh figs in human food, and as fresh and dried fig in animal feed (porcine and sheep). Easy abscission of peduncle and good ease of peeling. Fairly resistant to rain, and often have a drop of honey in the ostiolo. Little prone to detachment, and little resistance to transport.

'Bordissot Negra Rimada', is used as fresh figs in human food. Also in animal feed (porcine and sheep). It is trying to recover of cultivated specimens in the Balearic fig collection of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor.

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Animal Feed, Fresh
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