Black Beauty 10

BB 10, BB10, BB-10, Dan's Black Beauty 10


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A small to medium black fig, a closed eye, mildly sweet taste with lingering melon overtones.

Cajun Dan of Louisiana: It is hands down the best tasting fig that I have ever eaten. And I have eaten a lot of figs from many different fig cultivars.

I call it Black Beauty because it is an absolutely beautiful black fig. Add I call it 10 because, IMO, it rates a perfect 10 on the taste scale. Also, this is an "early season" (that is a VERY important fruiting characteristic) fig and it does handle the rains in my area quite well (very important as well). This one is a perfect 10 in all regards.

This fig (BB10) puts Hardy Chicago down to shame and I absolutely love my two Hardy Chicago figs!! I would never get rid of them......nor would I get rid or my Sal's, Dark Portuguese, Gino's, JH Adriatic, White Triana, Greek Green, LSU Improved Celeste, Hollier, Smith, GM#11, Native Black, Scott's Black, St. Jerome, St. Gabriel Black ,Late Black, English Brown Turkey, many Celeste, etc. etc. etc. I have tasted many more and do have a well calibrated tongue and palate as well. This one is in another fig league and out of the park good. Not just some of the figs were good......all of them had that very special flavor that is hard to describe. Eat one of these figs and your taste rating scale gets re-calibrated.

What is so important about this particular fig is that IT RIPENS EARLY. This one should do well in a short growing season. Col De Dame ripens LATE IN THE SEASON. BLACK MADEIRA ripens late in the season. From what I observed on the mother tree, it handles rain quite well too. At this time, I have no accurate data about fig drop. When I found the mother tree, there were lots of figs both on the tree and on the ground. Like I stated earlier, the owner of this tree does not like figs.

It really is hard for me to imagine a better tasting fig.

No matter what this variety turns out to be, I can state emphatically that this large black fig is the best tasting fig I have ever eaten. Its flavor is better even than Col De Dame and very complex is the only way I know to describe it. This is definitely a dessert quality fig. I had no camera with me when I found the mother no pictures of mom. Mom is about 15 feet tall and at least 20 feet wide. ...This fig is rain tolerant, no bugs, can dry on the tree, fruits shortly after regular Celeste starts fruiting, some pink colored leaf stems, skin cracks but DOES NOT split, has different eye sizes......all blocked, fig stems are stout and purple, meat stain is purple, and honey from very ripe figs is purple in color.

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Condit Group
Common Fig with Various Dark Shades of Red or Brown or Violet to Black Skin and Various Shades of Red Pulp
Black Mission
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Persistent Caprifig
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