Bianco Grosso

Albo? Bianca? Biancolini? Large White


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Translated from the book: СОРТА ИНЖИРА

Large white (Bianco grosso). Imported in 1901 from Georgia (Tbis Lissa Botanical Garden). Perhaps it is a synonym for the widespread Italian variety Albo (Bianca, Biancolini), etc. It gives one crop, Fruits ripen in September. In pollination does not need. Tall trees are tall, with round, sprawling crowns.

Summer shoots of medium thickness (1.1 cm), brownish-green, with a gray, thick waxy coating, sometimes shiny, not fluffy, with small, densely located round lenticles on the knots. The apical buds are medium-sized, rounded at the base, gradually tapering and pointed, whitish-green. Inflorescence rounded, with a short neck (0.8-1 cm), short (0.3-0.8 cm) pedicels and almost flat apex, with a convex ocellus and impressed with small green scales. The spots on the peel are very bright, yellow, large and thick. Ribs are weakly visible. The leaves are medium, on comparatively thin petioles (0.3-0.38 cm), fully developed, three-, less often pentagarose, less than half-cut. Platelets of leaf are thick, smooth, shiny, bright green on top, with fused bases of veins; From below – gently pubescent, light. The recesses between the lobes are rounded, small. The bases of the leaves are truncated or weakly curved, the edges are serrated.

Fruits measuring 5.6 X 5.2 cm, weight 40-45 g, rounded, with thick cervical spines 0.5-0.6 cm, ribbed, slightly pubescent. The skin is thin, tender, yellowish-green, with dense bright large spots of nymphs and a strong waxy coating. The eye is slightly convex, not large, yellowish-pink. Fruiting white-cream; Flesh bright pink, sweet, jelly-like, with a small cavity and small seeds. The quality of the fruit is high.

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