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Bermesca is a cultivar of fig type common fig Ficus carica, unífera with a fig skin with green background color light yellow on bright yellow. It is grown in the collection of fig trees of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor Balearic Islands.

At the moment it cultivates it in its collection of Balearic figs Montserrat Pons i Boscana, rescued of an exemplary or fig tree mother in "can Banyeta des Turó" Fields, only tree planted in a small sementera near the house in the corrals of the cattle.

The variety 'Bermesca' belongs to the group of Alicante, this variety together with 'Alacantina' and 'Jorba' are the Balearic varieties that have the pulp of yellow amber color.

The origin of the name given to the variety 'Bermesca', maybe it was given by the propensity to rot, Bermesca could derive from Vermesca-criadora of worms and worms (Cosme Aguiló, De Nominibus Ficorum, 2005).

The fig tree 'Bermesca' is a common fig type uniferous variety. Tree of great development, good bearing and proud crown, light branches with moderate foliage. Its leaves with 3 lobes (80%) tend to be majority, 5 lobes (10%) and 1 lobe (10%). Its leaves with present teeth and serrated margins. 'Bermesca' have little detachment of figs with an average production of figs. The apical bud is conical yellowish.

The figs 'Bermesca' are pyriform figs, a little ovoid, showing fruits of about 19.3 grams on average, thin epidermis and rough touch, with a light yellow green background color and an intense yellow color. Ostiolo from 0 to 1 mm with half orange scales. Peduncle of 10 to 14 mm frustoconical yellowish. Cracks practically absent. Ribs quite marked. With a ºBrix (sugar degree) of 16, bland, tasteless flavor, with medium firmness, with earthy yellow flesh color. With small internal cavity and a large number of medium achenes. They are from the beginning of maturation on August 15 to September 17 and average production. They are resistant to rain.

It is used for fresh and dry fig in animal feed cattle and pigs. Little ease of detachment. Very sensitive to rain with great ease of souring, low resistance to transport.

'Bermesca', is a variety that is used for animal consumption both fresh and dry. It is trying to recover of cultivated specimens in the Balearic fig collection of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor.

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0-1 mm / medium, orange
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Animal Feed, Dried
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