Beer’s Black (DFIC 277)


Beer's Black (DFIC 277)

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Beers Black, Black Mission, Mission, Violette de Bordeaux (DFIC 63), Vista (DFIC 259)

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Based upon genetic testing performed in 2010, Beer’s Black (DFIC 277), Violette de Bordeaud (DFIC 63) and Vista (DFIC 259) were determined to be synonyms. See Genetic structure and differentiation in cultivated fig (Ficus carica L.) and a condensed spreadsheet compiled by Richard Frost.

Seems to often be a synonym for Black Mission (Franciscana) or Violette de Bordeaux, depending on the nursery.

A fine, large, black fig that is a splendid performer. The deep red flesh is sweet and has a distinct flavor. It has a medium sized eye and is excellent either fresh or dried. Fairly hardy and well adapted to the South and Southwest.

Accession was donated. 09-Mar-2006. California United States. Donors: Kennedy, Todd, California Rare Fruit Growers. Harrison, Terry. Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis. Accession was collected. 09-Mar-2006. California United States. Locality: Collected from the residence of the Harrison Family in Healdsburg, CA. This material was originally from Todd Kennedy's collection before going to the Harrison property. Quantity: 4. Collectors:
Kennedy, Todd, California Rare Fruit Growers. Hansen, Jenny, USDA, ARS

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