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Pons translation: The fig tree is located in Son Mut Nou, Llucmajor, planted with a stake, from a very young tree.

The tree has a good development, with a high vigor, elongated branches, annual growths very little marked, rounded crown with a rather thick foliage. It is very fruitful, both in the production of figs and figs.

Both the figs and figs are cucurbiform, large and showy, symmetrical, uniform in size, with a small percentage of fruits together, as well as abnormal formations. The skin is reddish black, absent of cracked or very little marked, it is thin, of fine texture and rather soft. The pulp is red, sweet; the achenes are medium in size and quantity. They are easy to detach and of medium ease of peeling. They are moderately resistant to transport, to the opening of the ostiolo and to the detachment and sensitive to the rains and dews.

The leaves are mostly triloba with few unilobadas, of wavy margins little marked, and with an acute petiolar angle.

The variety BEC DE PERDIU, is a variety of recent introduction to the crop in the Islands, probably originally from the Tarragona area, and its name probably originates from the similarity of the neck of the fig to the peak of the partridge.

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Monserrat Pons


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Dried, Fresh
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Pons ripening date: 8/12-9/28, 32.5g

Breba Crop

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Pons ripening date: 6/10


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