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Ramona, SMN018IB


Pons description: The fig tree is located in are Mut Nou; Although very young, the figs mark the descriptors of the variety amply.

The fig tree reaches a medium development, with a rounded crown, with a little thick branches; It is not very productive, but it makes up for it in a remarkable way by presenting two crops: one of large brevas and the second of smaller figs.

The figs and figs are pear-shaped, blackish-blue in color, with a small reddish neck, and a long red peduncle at the beginning and at the end becomes light green. They are symmetrical in shape and uniform in dimensions. The pulp is red, tasty, with achenes in great quantity, medium. The skin is medium thickness, little cracked. They present a low percentage of fruits and abnormal formations.

They are quite resistant to rain, transport and the opening of the ostiolo, and medium ease of detachment.

The leaves mostly trilobate, with less than whole and few pentalobadas, serrated margins, little marked, with a sharp petiolar angle.

The variety BEAT RAMON or RAMONA as it is also called, originally from Manacor is a bipedal variety, which can be considered as a sub-variety of Albacor.

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Main Crop

Main GDD
Main Ripen Days
Main Crop Flavors
Main Additional Flavors
Main Eye Description
0-3 mm / small, dark
Main Uses
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Pons: 8/22-9/30, 28.5g

Breba Crop

Breba GDD
Breba Flavor (Difference from Main)
Breba Ripening Days
Breba Eye Description
Breba Uses
Breba Additional Notes

Pons: 6/27


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