Bayernfeige Violleta

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Bayernfeige Violeta


Robert Harper in Connecticut: Discovered growing in Bavaria. A very large, very sweet, beautiful brown, fig. If the soil is kept dry, it will keep on ripening sweet figs at our location, even after leaves have fallen off. It needs mosquito netting protection to keep the flies off of the very sweet fruit. Ripens here the end of October. A heavy, heavy bearing fig. Here it needs at least 80 percent of the fruit removed  by July 15th. But, will still leave over 100 fruit left on the tree. Because it is such a heavy bearing plant, it makes a good pot plant also.  Cold hardy to around minus 4 degrees  Fahrenheit, to minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit?  Because it ripens late, it needs to be planted in a location that gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight, a day. Our 2010 taste test winner. This is a wonderful tasting English Brown Turkey. But, it does not produce each and every year in ground here in our zone 5b.6a. I wished it would.  Zone 7b/7a?

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