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Battaglia Green

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Sandy's Strawberry Verte, Sandys Strawberry Verte

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This adriatic fig was identified by Sandy Battaglia of Virginia Beach, Virginia. An Italian couple brought the original cuttings from their homeland. Sandy was able to procure cuttings before the couple sold their property. The new owners cut down their prized tree. Sandy brought the trees she had grown from the cuttings to Paradise Nursery in Virginia Beach. The original owner of Paradise Nursery, Sally Mays, sold this variety. The "real" name is unknown, but is considered to be possibly synonymous with Paradiso. Sally closed Paradise Nursery in 2006 and put up for sale her personal farm, the location of  the last original remaining Battaglias fig trees.

Responding to heat, the figs will start to ripen in mid summer and will continue until a hard frost. It's an appealing and productive fig. It does well in pots. It responds well to full sun and heat to bring out its ideal flavor.

Originally grown at Folly Castle, VA, possibly traces back Thomas Jefferson. May need a long season to fully ripen.

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