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DFIC 195

Variety Strains

Accession was donated. 01-Feb-2001. California United States. Donors: Kennedy, Todd, California Rare Fruit Growers. Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis. According to Todd Kennedy, fig came from old University of California, Riverside,Citrus Experiment Station.

Condit Monograph

Barbillone: Described by Eisen (1901), Schneider (1902), Juignet (1909), Nomblot (1913), Mazières, (1920), A. Rivière (1928), Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France (1928), Delplace (1933), Delbard (1947), and Evreinoff (1947). Illustrated in color by Delbard. Origin uncertain, but reported to be a bud sport of Blanche, and named for the grower at Argenteuil who found it.

Tree productive of brebas; second crop small.

Brebas medium to large, variable in shape, but commonly pyriform; ribs distinct; stalk short; eye large, with protruding scales; skin thin, easily peeled, greenish violet in color; pulp amber, tinged with red. Quality very good, superior to that of Blanche for fresh fruit.

Second-crop figs medium; neck lacking; eye small, open, with dark-colored scales; skin thin, violet-black; pulp amber, coarse, juicy.

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