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De Banyols, Des Torrents de Banyols

Variety Strains

Wikipedia Translation: is a cultivar of fig type common fig Ficus carica, unífera with figs epidermis yellowish green background color with on earthy green. is grown on the collection of fig trees of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor Balearic Islands.

At the moment it cultivates it in its collection of Barts figs Montserrat Pons i Boscana, rescued of an exemplary or fig tree mother located in the term of Alaró of a esqueje donated to the collection of fig trees by Pau Tommás of the estate "d'es Bonanza".

The variety 'Bànyols' is a wild-born variety spontaneously in a torrent, probably the result of a sexual multiplication of another cultivated fig, in the "Bànyols" estate in the term of Alaró owned in 1910 by Ramón Fortuny, when he saw fruit the goodness of its harvest resulted in the fig tree propagating throughout the term and surroundings: It was named in this way by the name of the farm where it was located.

Fig 'Banyols' is a variety unífera type common fig. Tree of high vigor, with a good development, rounded and irregular cup very tight of quite thick leaves. It develops well in both wet and poor terrain. Its leaves are 3 lobes mostly, and less than 5 lobes. Its leaves with teeth present not very prominent jagged margins. 'Bànyols' has a medium-high detachment of figs, a medium productive yield and a medium harvest period. The cone-shaped yellowish-green apical bud.

The fruits of the fig tree 'Bànyols' are figs of a size of length x width: 41 x 49 mm, with a slightly ovoidal piriform shape, little uniform in dimensions and asymmetrical in shape, which present medium-large fruits of about 34,340 grams on average, of epidermis with strong consistency, skin thickness thin and delicate, with a yellowish green background color with an earthy green color. Ostiolo of 2 to 3 mm with small red scales. Peduncle 5 to 8 mm short cylindrical light green. Numerous longitudinal cracks marked. Very marked ribs. With a ºBrix (degree of sugar) of 19 of flavor little sweet, with intense pulp red color. With large internal cavity, with medium achenes. The figs ripen during a period of medium harvest, from the beginning of ripening on September 8 to October 12. Moderately productive and medium harvest period.

It is used as fresh figs in human food, such as fresh and dried figs for feeding pigs and cattle. Fairly resistant to adverse weather conditions, transport and opening of the ostiolo.

'Bànyols', is used as fresh figs in humans, and for the feeding of pigs and cattle. It is trying to recover of cultivated specimens in the Balearic fig collection of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor.

Condit Monograph

Banyols: Described and figured by Estelrich (1910); see also short account by Priego y Jaramillo (1922). Tree large, with drooping branches that suggest a torrent. Leaves large, 3-lobed. Figs medium, oblique-turbinate; skin yellowish brown, checking at maturity; quality good. Used both fresh and dried; cattle feed on them.

Monserrat Pons
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2-3 mm / small, red
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Animal Feed, Fresh
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Pons: 9/8-10/12, 34.5g

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