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Pons translation: The described fig tree is located in Son Mut Nou, Llucmajor; planted of esqueje and obtained of the places of Alaró by the good friend Pau Tomás, d'es Bonanza.

Fig tree of good development, proud cup, wide and very populated with very dark foliage and large size and high annual growth. It is moderately productive, of a medium harvest period and a great ease of rhizogenesis.

Figs are discreetly pear-shaped, slightly ovoid, asymmetrical, and inconsistent in size. The skin is brown green, thin and delicate, with numerous thick cracks, and small whitish spots not numerous. The flesh is reddish, juicy but not too sweet; aquenios in great quantity, medium. They have a high resistance to transport and to rains, as well as to the opening of the ostiolo, characteristics very to be careful for a variety that matures so late.

The leaves are mostly trilobed, and few of five lobes, large. They have a very large central lobe of width and length, very little cut and all of them with a sharp petiole angle and of little noticeable hairiness on the underside.

This variety, BÀNYOLS, originally from Alaró, according to tradition was born inside a torrent, in the same estate of Bànyols, whose owner in 1910 was Ramón Fortuny. When at fruition he saw the goodness of his harvest, it led to the fig tree spreading throughout the term and surroundings.

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Pons: 9/8-10/12, 34.5g

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