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Pons translation: The fig tree is located in Son Mut Nou, Llucmajor; comes from a fig tree grown in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, where the variety originates.

The tree possesses a considerable vigor. It has a rounded and irregular cup very tight leaves, quite thick. The fig tree has a good behavior and development both in humid soils and in poor lands. It is quite productive, with a long harvest period.

The figs have a urceolate shape, somewhat spherical but asymmetrical, with the neck slightly bent at the end of maturation; They are light tan and greenish in color, the epidermis has a thick and showy cracked and the pulp is red, very tasty.

They present little variability in the dimensions, and average ease of peeling but a good abscission of the peduncle. They are quite resistant to adverse weather conditions, to transport, and to the opening of the ostiolus.

The leaves mostly trilobate and less pentalobadas, have margins between serrated and wavy, with noticeable pilosity on the underside and with the petiolar obtuse angle.

This variety is native to a farm in the municipality of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, property (in 1910) of D. Josep Francesc Villalonga, called Balàfi, where the fig tree was born on the edge of a fountain, spontaneously, probably the result of a sexual multiplication of another cultivated fig tree.

In another time, variety known and cultivated in Manacor, where it was very appreciated for the size and exquisiteness of the figs.

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Pons: 8/28-10/6, 42.5g

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