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Atreano Gold, Mediterranean Gold


Atreano is a superb golden-green fig, larger than Alma or Italian Golden Honey and with a similar light sweet flavor. The golden rose interior is juicy and makes a fabulous addition to summer fruit salads -- marvelous eaten out of hand. The fruit hangs well on the tree, although it should be harvested promptly when ripe for the best flavor. Fast growing, sturdy tree that produces large crops of juicy figs in midsummer.

Easy to grow with excellent flavor, large fruit, adaptable to rain when ripening. Needs to be picked when fully ripe. May be marginal in zone 6 per some reports. High quality breba crop if protected that ripens up through main crop. Imported by Hanc Mathies, one of 3 varieties he kept. A light honey-strawberry fig. Big, bright, and early. Can tend to watery, so should be ripened under dry conditions.

A must-have for any fig collector, Atreano is a robust, fast growing fig that produces tasty clusters of light green figs with a sweet, pink interior. Figs are larger than Alma or Italian Golden, smaller than Conadria and hold on well when ripe. We have not tested this fig for winter hardiness, so northern growers should plan to protect well or grow in containers.

Robert Harper in Connecticut: From an Italian breeding program. Then imported by the late Hanc Mathies from Italy. Considered by many to be the best tasting cold hardy green/yellow fig, for the northeast. Or every where growers have a cool fall. Some growers in the south have reported that this fig produces a better fall crop then its summer crop, in areas where it would produce 2 main crops. We just started testing this one this year, 2012. But, think it should be cold hardy to at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit. May need winter protection in zone 7 and colder. Has a honey tasting profile. Zone 7/a/7b?

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