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Pons translation: Higuera bífera located in es Monjos, Porreres, its location we owe again at random.

In the book of Estelrich "La Higuera", publication of 1910, we read verbatim: "In Los Monjos, on the side of the road from the State that goes from Campos to Porreres, there are a few Fig trees Andrevas, forming line, about eight years of age, of good appearance and beautiful glass ".

Learned by this data, we went, with Miquel Lladó, master pruner; great passionate of the subject of the fig trees; to the mentioned place and the disappointment was evident, when finding us a new highway, deviated from "the highway of the State", mentioned by Estelrich. We turned around, and we could see that within the wall of the new road, they were leaving, making a row, shrub shoots, one of them in full maturity. Observing the figs, we verified that they completely coincided with the description made by Estelrich in 1910.

The fig tree reaches a medium development, proud and dense crown of branches It is a very early variety, both in the figs; ripen before the "Rojas", as in the figs, it is not too productive and has a medium harvest period.

The figs and figs are ovoid, black, with a little tasty pulp, of an intense red color. They have quite soft, rough epidermis, absent of cracks. They do not present fruits coupled and few abnormal formations. They have a difficult abscission of the peduncle and medium ease of peeling, and they are quite resistant to the opening of the ostiolus, little to transport and rains, and quite sensitive to detachment.

The trilobate leaves, whole in smaller proportion and few pentalobadas, of wavy margins, little marked and of acute petiolar angle.

The variety ANDREVA is native to Campos and cultivated in Penya, Porreres, neighboring possession of Monjos, and according to informants, understood in the origin of the tree, owes its name to its origin, Son Andreu, property of the term of Campos.

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Monserrat Pons


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Pons ripening date: 8/18-9/23, 47g

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Pons ripening date: 6/13


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