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Andreva is a cultivar of fig type common fig Ficus carica, Bifera (two harvests per season, brebas and main crop), skin with shiny black background color with black over red color. It is grown on the collection of fig trees of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor Balearic Islands.

At the moment it cultivates it in its collection of Balearic figs Montserrat Pons i Boscana, rescued of an exemplary or fig tree mother located in "is Monjos" in the term of Porreres , its location is due to chance.

In the book by Estelrich ( La Higuera , 1910) it is read verbatim: "In Los Monjos , on the side of the State road from Campos to Porreres , there are a few Andrevas fig trees forming a line, about eight years old, good looking and beautiful cup. " Following these indications Monserrat Pons together with the master pruner Miquel Lladóthey moved to the aforementioned place, and the disappointment was evident, when finding a new road diverted from the State highway mentioned by Estelrich, but they could see that within the wall of the new road, they were leaving a row of shrubs, one of them in full fruit ripening. Observing the figs, they could verify that they completely coincided with the description made by Estelrich in 1910.

The variety 'Andreva' is probably originally from Campos and cultivated in "son Penya" term of Porreres, neighboring possession of "is Monjos" and according to informants understood in the origin of the tree owes its name to its origin of "son Andreu" estate of the Campos term.

The fig tree 'Andreva' is a bipe variety of the common fig type. Medium development tree, with proud crown and dense branches. Its leaves with 3 lobes are the majority, with 1 lobe (30%) and 5 lobes (10%). Its leaves with present teeth and wavy margins, obtuse petiolar angle. 'Alenyana' has little detachment of figs, and a reduced productive yield per tree. The cone-shaped yellowish-green apical bud.

The fruits 'Andreva' are sized in length x width: 39 x 60 mm so in both figs as figs ovoid having a large fruit, especially plums, symmetrical in shape and uniform in size, of about 47,120 grams on average, of medium consistency epidermis , medium skin thickness, soft and slightly rough texture, black background color gleaming with reddish black color. Ostiolo from 2 to 5 mm with small pink scales. Peduncle 2 to 3 mm cylindrical dark green. Cracks absent. Ribs little marked. With a ºBrix (sugar grade) of 17 juicy not very tasty in the brebas, and of 18 little sweet in figs, with a deep red garnet pulp color. With large internal cavity, and a large number of medium achenes . They are from the beginning of maturation in the brebas on June 13, the ripening of the figs from August 18 to September 23. Of yield per tree not very productive both in figs and brebas.

It is used as figs and fresh figs for human consumption, appreciated only for their precocity. Fresh and dry for animal feed. Little prolific, with a reduced production of both figs and figs. They are difficult abscission of the peduncle and medium ease of peeling. Quite resistant to rain and the opening of the ostiolo. Little resistant to transport and rains. Fairly susceptible to detachment.

'Andreva', fresh figs and figs are used for human nutrition. Figs in fresh and dried for animal consumption (swine and sheep). It is trying to recover of cultivated specimens in the Balearic fig collection of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor.

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Andreva. Described and figured by Estelrich (1910). Leaves, when expanded, somewhat convex. Tree produces two crops, of which brebas are pyriform and black in color. Fruit of both crops used for cattle feed and for drying.

Monserrat Pons
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Pons ripening date: 8/18-9/23, 47g

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Pons ripening date: 6/13


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