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Considered a high-quality fig tree, the alma was bred at Texas A&M University and has adapted well to the southeast. Alma trees have dark green foliage and require full to partial sun. Trees thrive in well-drained, sandy, moist, loam soils but are highly tolerant of poor soil conditions. The alma is an extremely productive tree and produces figs that ripen in late June and again in August. Alma is a cross between the female Vernino AKA Allison (100% Carica) fig and the male Hamma Caprifig (50% Palmata), making the Alma 25% Palmata. The fruit is small to medium in size, has a pear shape, golden-brown skin and an amber pulp. Alma figs are sweet, delicate caramel flavored figs and are best served fresh, dried and as preserves.

A small to medium, golden-brown, pear-shaped (pyriform) fig with amber/light yellow pulp. Sweet and delicate flavor.  Well-adapted in the Southeast. Highly resistant to fruit rots. Wood is very hardy. Excellent quality, being succulent and sweet, with barely noticeable seeds and with a well-sealed eye. Very productive, compact tree is cold hardy and has a prolonged spring dormancy. A 1974 Texas Agricultural Experiment Station introduction. Fruit ripens mid-July `til frost.

25% palmata.

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Main Crop

Main GDD
Main Ripen Days
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Honey, Sugar, Caramel
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Main Uses
Preserves, Drying
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Breba Crop

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Breba Flavor (Difference from Main)
Breba Ripening Days
Breba Eye Description
Breba Uses
Breba Additional Notes


7, 8, 9, 10
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