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Exotic Plants Bularia: in the area of ​​the municipality of Kuklen, found six local varieties of figs, one of which is called by Professor Radka Serafimova Michurinsk 10. From our over 25 years of experience with figs we say as many pros and cons to taste and cold resistance of this sort. Over the centuries this sort of course it has mutated because of the ability to easily propagated from seed. Thus in the region are justified several branches described Michurinsk 10 as the best of those branches is called Ali Pasha. Exotic Plants Bulgaria for many years dealt with the purchase and sale of agricultural products including figs and have a vast experience in the matter. Here we summarize the variety of short: This is the massive variety in the area. Taste vary greatly, from dry and low sugar to fat and high-sugar or vice versa. From medium large purple brown petty in moka. The handle also varies by only one centimeter short to long almost two centimeters. The cold resistance varies depending on the amplitude difference of day and night minimums. In temperarura from -23 C Chieftain village, Plovdiv district, a fig tree izmrazva to ground zero to 95%. The next year recovering. At -18S, fig tree izmrazva of 60% m planted to the north wall of the south and the country. At -15S, no damage plant planted outdoors. Such plants outdoors can be seen on the main road between the town and village Puppet Brestnik, right, just above the vineyard. The climate there is harsh in winter because of the openness, the altitude is 300 meters. Best bet this variety, and other varieties that we offer are developed above the sea level of between 250 and 400 meters, but tolerated and a wide range Mejda 170 and 450 meters. Preference of the wind.

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