Algerina Blanca

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Pons translation: The fig tree is located and cultivated in Quartera, owned by Miquel Tomàs de son Quartera, a farmer and admired for his wisdom in the whole subject of the cultivation of the fig tree. They planted it with their father; and the stakes were obtained through a known farmer, neighbor of Sineu. Ancestrally they called it "White Angelina".

The tree has a high development, medium-sized crown, hanging branches, orderly foliage, good annual growth of the shoots, and a low yield, with a medium harvest period.

The figs are urceolados, symmetrical in the form and uniform in the dimensions, they do not present paired fruits and few abnormal formations. They are whitish green, with a diffuse purple at the end of maturation; pale red pulp, as it ripens it changes to redder; with many achenes, mediums. They have very thick skin, but very thin. They present a difficult abscission of the peduncle and ease of peeling. They are very resistant to rain, transport and the opening of the ostiolo.

The leaves are mostly trilobated and whole in good proportion, with marked serrated margins and an obtuse petiolar angle.

This variety ALGERINA BLANCA, little cultivated, almost disappeared, has many similarities with a cultivated variety in Campos called "de la cotna", but they have very different descriptors.

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Pons: 8/14-9/18, 26.5g

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