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Angelina, Angelina Blanca, Argelina, De la Cotna

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Algerina Blanca is a cultivar of fig type common fig Ficus carica, unífera of figs epidermis with whitish color on fuzzy green background with purple. grown in the collection of fig trees of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor Balearic Islands.

At the moment it cultivates it in its collection of Balearic figs Montserrat Pons i Boscana, rescued of a copy that was alive and forgotten in a cereal farm in the town of Llucmajor in Mallorca.

The variety 'White Algerina' has many similarities with a cultivated variety in Campos called 'De La Cotna', but have very different descriptors.

The fig tree 'White Algerina' is a common fig type uniferous variety. Tree of medium development, foliage scattered with branches hanging. Its leaves with 3 lobes (20%), with 1 lobe (30%), and with 5 lobes (10%). The leaves with missing teeth and serrated margins. 'Algerina Blanca' is a low-yield production of figs. The conical apical bud of green color.

Figs 'White Algerina' are figs with urceolada form, that do not present / display prepared fruits and few abnormal formations, of about 27 grams in average, of thick epidermis of color of whitish green bottom with on color fuzzy purple. Ostiolo from 2 to 3 mm with medium pink scales. Peduncle of 2 to 3 mm conical dark green. Cracks absent. Ribs marked. With a ºBrix (sugar degree) of 28, sweet taste, with a strong consistency, with a pale red pulp color that when the fig is ripe turns to more intense red. With internal cavity absent. They are from the beginning of maturation on August 14 until September 18. They are resistant to rain.

Good for dried fig since it does not present any problem of drying. Very resistant to rain, transport and the opening of the ostiolo. Thick but very thin skin which facilitates peeling, has traditionally been used to feed sheep and pigs. Due to its resistance in transportation, it is trying to boost its consumption in fresh.

'Algerina Blanca', is a variety known for its thick skin which facilitates its transport in fresh, which is trying to recover from specimens grown in the Balearic fig collection of Montserrat Pons i Boscana in Llucmajor .

Condit Monograph

As Angelina (syn. Argelina): Described and figured by Estelrich (1910). Tree well developed, with leaves similar to those of Bordissot Blanca (Barnissotte Blanche). Figs below medium, spherical, yellowish green; skin thick; interior white. Not a choice variety, but commonly grown in parts of Mallorca.

Monserrat Pons
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2-3 mm / medium, pink
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Animal Feed
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Pons: 8/14-9/18, 26.5g

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