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Pons translation: The fig tree was located in Algaida, in the sanctuary of Cura, among holm oaks, after intense search, chance made it possible to discover it with the help of my colleague Pere Ginard, in a visit to said sanctuary contemplating the Son Reus and Son valley Saleta

The fig tree is medium vigorous, with a proud crown and irregular branches, producing two crops, very unproductive of both figs and figs. The annual growth of the outbreaks is scarce and the collection period is medium.

The figs and figs are ovoidal, appreciated only for their precocity, bluish black color, very little cracked, symmetrical in shape and uniform in dimensions, they do not present fruits and a low number of abnormal formations. The pulp is pink not very tasty, the skin is thin, a little rough. They have an easy abscission of the peduncle and median of peeling. They are quite resistant to rain and dew, little resistant to transport and medium to the opening of the ostiolo.

The leaves are distributed between pentalobadas and trilobates practically in the same proportion, with marked margins and a sharp petiolar angle.

The ALENYANA variety is originally from Porreres where it was cultivated and known. At present, the fields of Son Miró and Son Banyeres can be found some. Its name probably has its origin from the Latin Alennianus, personal name Alennius, which has given the surname Alenyà, which in turn is a locality of Roussillon.

Condit Monograph
Monserrat Pons


Variety Strains


Main Crop

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Animal Feed, Fresh
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Pons ripening date: 8/10-9/20, 32g

Breba Crop

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Breba Eye Description
Breba Uses
Breba Additional Notes

Pons ripening date: 6/10


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