Albacor de Molla de Melo

Albacor de Molla de Melo


Albacor de Molla de Melo

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Pons translation: The fig tree is located in the new plantation of are Mut Nou, in Llucmajor. The fig tree mother is located in Sencelles, probably disappeared by the old age of the tree, also we do not know of another cultivar of such variety.

The tree has a medium vigor, ungainly crown, with light and elongated branches, with moderate foliage, and an annual growth of the outbreaks not very remarkable. It is a tree of two crops: one of figs and one of figs, not too tasty. It is unproductive and with a medium-short harvest period.

Figs and figs, not very large, are ovoid but significantly spherical to be the most different in external appearance of all Albacors. They are symmetrical in shape and uniform in dimensions, purple and blacker as they reach the period of full maturity. Almost absent of cracks, thick skin, rough texture. The pulp is yellowish; as the fruit that gives the name, juicy, but not too sweet, with medium achenes and few. They present a medium ease of peeling and a difficult abscission of the peduncle.

They are moderately resistant to souring and transport, sensitive to rain and poorly resistant to the opening of the ostiolus.

The leaves are mostly trilobed, and less pentalobadas, in very variable percentage, serrated margins, and obtuse petiole angle.

The variety ALBACOR DE MOLLA DE MELÓ, cited in the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic Dictionary, is a variety that is very difficult to find and little known, even in the places closest to the prospected mother tree.

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Monserrat Pons


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Animal Feed, Dried, Fresh
Main Additional Notes
  • Pons: 8/24-9/20, 28.5g
  • little sweet, juicy

Breba Crop

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Pons: 6/22


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