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Albacor Comuna

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Albacor Grossa, SMN007IB


Pons translation: The tree is located in the garden of es Palmer, Campos, by Pere Ginard, a great connoisseur and admirer of this variety of Albacor, for the precocity, size and quality of the harvest of brevas.

The fig tree reaches a high development, as well as a high vigor, with a rounded crown, of branches that have the tendency to hang towards the ground. It is very productive, both in the harvest of figs, and figs.

The brevas are ovoidal, very large and showy, have very dark black skin, with a very marked cracked, very striking to the eye, the pulp is pink, juicy, very tasty, have a difficult abscission of the peduncle. The figs, smaller in size than the figs, are also ovoidal, with a flavor as sweet as the figs, both have a good peeling ability. They are resistant to the opening of the ostiolo and to the transport, but little resistant to the rains and to the detachment.

The leaves are trilobed and pentalobadas in smaller proportion and very few of unilobadas, of wavy margins, little pilosidad in the reverse and with an acute petiolar angle.

The ALBACOR COMUNA, cited by Estelrich (La Higuera, 1910), is distinguished from the Albacor by the size of the figs, greater precocity in the harvest, peduncle light green, quite defined, cracked very marked, thick and with a small and narrow neck. In this variety appear whole leaves, differential features with the aforementioned Albacor, although it can be considered as a sub-variety of it.

Condit Monograph
Monserrat Pons


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Bordeaux Berry, Sugar, Complex Berry
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  • Pons ripening date: 8/14-9/26, 64.5g
  • very sweet and juicy

Breba Crop

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Breba Uses
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Pons ripening date: 6/12


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