Albacor Blanca

Albacor Blanca


Albacor Blanca

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Aubique Blanche (France), Aubaco Blanca, SMN006IB


Pons translation:┬áThe fig tree is located in the Mut Nou, although the mother fig tree is cultivated in Ses Comes, Llucmajor, of Fran├žesc Mir, the only tree found in this variety. The fig tree reaches a great development with an alternate and quite dense crown of branches and foliage. It is not very prolific neither in the harvest of figs, nor in the figs. The brevas are ovoid, quite elongated, of whitish green color, of thick skin, rough medium, of not very tasty pulp, easy abscission of the peduncle and also of peeling. Fairly resistant to rain and transport, drought and the opening of the ostiolo. The second harvest is late since it takes place in September and the figs are smaller and more rounded, with a urceolated shape, less sweet, with the same agronomic characteristics as the figs. The leaves are mostly trilobate and less pentalobulate, with serrated margins not very marked, and with an acute petiolar angle. The ALBACOR BLANCA variety is originally from Manacor where it was cultivated and known.

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Monserrat Pons


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Animal Feed, Fresh
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  • Pons: 9/1-10/10, 36g

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Pons: 6/20


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