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Alagantina, Alicantina, Blanqueta, Blanquella, Blancassa, Blanca Clara, Blanca de Capoll Llarg, Cantina, Galantina

Variety Strains

The Alacantina is usually consumed dry and is rarely eaten fresh. It is common in the Mallorca region.

The fig tree has average vigor, with a very crisp crown, thinly dispersed secondary branches, which droop towards the ground. The leaves tend to be concentrated at the tips.

No breba crop.

The productive main crop bears early. The figs are yellow, pyriform, with a unique yellow pulp and an extremely long peduncle. The achenes are average size and quantity. The crop has a typical harvest period.

Though the skin is thin, it is quite strong. Dries well, even on the tree. The tight eye is a huge plus.

The leaves are mostly 3-lobed, but can be 5-lobed, with serrated edges.

Condit Monograph

As Alicantina: (syns. Blancassa, Blanca Clara, Cantina, Blanqueta). Described by Estelrich (1910), Sanchez (1922), and Priego y Jaramillo (1922).

Tree upright, with 5-lobed leaves; widely planted on the island of Mallorca. Figs spherical, medium; stalk slender; color green. Highly regarded, both fresh and dried. Resistant to spoilage in wet weather.

Monserrat Pons
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