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Alacantina Negra

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Cantina Negra, SMN003IB


Pons translation: The fig tree is located in Quartera, owned by Miquel Tomàs, in the "na Groga" plantation. From a row of twelve fig trees of this variety, it is the only one that survives. He planted the branch or cutting, Pep "Pera" de Montuiri, where it seems to be native. The tree has a good bearing, clear crown, hanging branches, which are thickening foliage as they go down from high to near the ground; It is quite prolific; of very marked annual growth, and a medium-high harvest period. It is a little cultivated and known variety. The figs are pear-shaped, symmetrical in shape and uniform in dimensions, they do not present abnormal formations, nor fruits prepared; they are black, small, the pulp is of a purplish color, which becomes pale as the maturation progresses; medium achenes and not too high in number, with a bland taste. The skin is thick, of hard consistency, but of fine touch, long peduncle, yellowish green in the insertion and red as it unites with the fig. They have easy abscission of the peduncle and good ease of peeling. They are quite resistant to rain and transport, but very sensitive to detachment so that at the end of maturation, under the fig tree, on the ground, a colorful black carpet is visible. In addition, they endure well for a long time without souring or rotting, so it is a very suitable variety for any type of livestock. The leaves are mostly trilobates, pentalobadas in smaller proportion and few whole; they have marked serrated margins, little pilosity on the underside and an obtuse petiole angle. The variety ALICANTINA NEGRA, as we mentioned before, seems to originate from Montuiri's term. The cutting of the mother variety of Quartera, was provided by the owner of the farm, ignoring another tree of this variety.

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Animal Feed, Drying
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  • Pons: 8/10-9/15, 18.5g

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