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Abakour Amellal

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Abakor, Thabakor Amellal

Variety Strains

A white fig, the name meaning early white: extensively grown in Kabylia. Two crops.

Condit Monograph

As Abakor: (syn. Abakour Amellal). According to Hanoteau and Letourneux (1872), the Kabyles retain the Arabic name bakour, “early,” for this variety, because of its abundant crop of brebas. Listed by Eisen (1901) as Abakour Amellal, probably from P.I. No. 6,469; described and illustrated by Mann (1939b) ; see also Montagnac (1952).

Trees vigorous, producing two crops. Leaves 5-lobed.

Figs medium, globular; stalk short; ribs present; eye open; skin green; pulp rose- colored; quality mediocre. Brebas consumed fresh; second-crop figs generally dried.

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