JH Adriatic Fig Tasting

I forgot to mention in the video that this is its second season in ground, but it went in late last year. It died back to the ground over winter. This tree was started as a cutting from MountainFigs. JH Adriatic in the Fig Variety Database

Alma Fig Tasting

This honey fig has potential. Alma in the Fig Variety Database

The Swales are Working Swell

What in the world is a swale? My spellchecker doesnโ€™t even recognize the word. Two Videos on Swales Last Year Build Swales to Improve Soil Moisture & Decrease Erosion Improve Plant Health & Nutrients with Swales One Year Later

Archipel Fig Tasting

I finally broke down and ordered some Tanglefoot to battle the ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ Tanglefoot on Amazon Archipel in the Fig Variety Database

Teramo Unknown (Nebo?) Fig Tasting

Ross over at FigBoss.com suggested that the Teramo Unknown fig may be the same as the Nebo. Are they? Teramo Unknown in the Fig Variety Database Nebo in the Fig Variety Database Previous Nebo Fig Tasting

Using Rock Dusts for Healthier Fig Trees & Other Plants

See the presentation at the bottom. Benefits of Rock Dusts Glaciation & Vulcanization Increase the variety of minerals available to microbes and, eventually, to plants. There are only 18 nutrients considered Essential to plant life. Nickel was only recently added in 2004.  But what about beneficial? Iodide & selenium, among others, are now considered beneficial […]

Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tasting

If you like ๐Ÿท or even if you donโ€™t, youโ€™ll love this fig. Violette de Bordeaux in the Fig Variety Database

Chicago Hardy Fig Tasting

The Chicago Hardy fig is another good example of a variety that should not be overlooked just because it is inexpensive and widely available. Chicago Hardy in the Fig Variety Database