Selecting a Homestead Location – Finding Your Property

Finding your property can be a great field trip

Though it can take some time, finding your property can be fun. And it can be rewarding in other ways. There is no hurry. There are always deals to be had. Time spent up front can refine your features list and build familiarity with the market, which will help you identify a truly good deal. We’ll take a look at some ways to help in your homestead search.   Continue reading “Selecting a Homestead Location – Finding Your Property”

Selecting a Homestead Location – Core Values

Why Should We Consider Our Core Values?

Core Values
Core Values

Our core values will determine what we will actually do, not what we hope or say we will do. They are often unconscious, but influence us nonetheless. They do not change easily, especially when we are unaware of them. Ensuring our homestead selection matches up with our core values will help lead to our success in our selection of a homestead. Core values are not something tangible that one can put a finger on. They are internal. They can be a little slippery. Continue reading “Selecting a Homestead Location – Core Values”